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Welcome to Cr3ativity Fine Arts. You will find a wide variety of fine arts ranging from colour, texture, subject matter, size, and anything else you can think of. Feel free to look around, favorite, and ask questions. Thanks for dropping by.

Shipping details

Unless you live locally and would like to save on shipping costs by picking up your item from me, shipping is required. I also tend to offer free shipping for Canadian residents on certain items in my shop. Depending on the dimensions and weight of the item I must pick the most affordable shipper from the following three: Canada Post, FedEx, UPS. Beware, I never offer a flat rate for international shipping! Please contact me prior to your purchase so that I can give you an estimate rate regarding shipping the item to your location. If you give everything a go, my next step is to start packaging your item. I purchase large raw corrugated cardboard sheets from Woolfits and start constructing a custom package for your special purchase. Once the package is complete I place a sheet of cardboard facing the artwork and then wrap it in bubble wrap. Following, I head to the shipper and pay to have the item shipped. I do not purchase any insurance for the item because it will increase the cost of shipping for you, unless you strictly request insurance. Tracking your item is most likely the most important part of your purchase. Fortunately, all three shippers offer this service. Your next question would probably be: how long will it take? This is when your tracking number comes in handy. You're done. Wasn't that easy?

Refunds, returns & exchanges

I do not offer returns or money back. However, I will exchange your item for one of the same or slightly higher monetary value for free, as long as you pay for shipping. To be eligible for an exchange you must provide proof that your item was damaged by taking pictures and sending them to me, or showing that your item never arrived according to the tracking number. Really, it is that easy!

Additional information

If you ever have any questions, whatever they maybe please make sure to contact me. It is my sole responsibility to help and keep you updated.